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ROKR — To built to explore! We focus on mechanical transmission models, express creativity with precision structure, interpret geek spirit with hardcore modeling, and explore the power and beauty of machinery with players all over the world.

ROLIFE — Cuteness Creates everything, trends rise in the east. ROLIFE believes in the spirit of loveliness and independence hidden under the soft appearance of every girl. Follow ROLIFE, go and walk into the mysterious dream of us!

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Robotime has partnered with 2800+ of stores worldwide including North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other many countries。

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ROBOTIME has designed over 400 DIY wooden puzzle items including our famous Robotic Dinosaurs, Mechanical Gears, DIY houses and Music Boxes. 

Our goal is to build DIY for your enjoyment and at the same time to strengthen capability and creativity.

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The hottest selling trend from Rokr Mechanical Music Box collection, Marble Run collection, Curious Discovery collection, etc and Rolife DIY Miniature Houses collection, Mysterious World collection, Modern 3D Wooden Puzzle collection, etc.

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