Borrowed Garden

Rolife provides many creative gifts, covering DIY, cultural and brand toys. If you are a DIY CRAFT LOVER, its definitely a best present for yourself !


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  • Rolife aims to spread the classic literature and help its consumers to find happiness.
  • Rolife provides many creative items that are easy to assemble and help to release pressure.
  • A healthy way to relax your mind – DIY your happiness
  • When we were young, we used to be very happy. Those innocent days are so memorable. However, as we grow older, we got so much to worry about, finance, jobs, relationships, marriage… Life of grown- ups is never easy.
  • A lot of people feel unhappy, no matter rich or poor. Happiness becomes a luxury. Depression may strike at any time, especially for women. Some researches show that almost one in 3 women will experience a major depressive episode in their lifetime.
  • Recently, we got a thank- you note in our fans group. We are so glad that our DIY products can help her finally relax. Also, it reminds us why we have been advocating DIY for the past decades. It is definitely for a healthy lifestyle to help people better relax.
  • Today, Rolife is gonna show you how DIY miniature dollhouses relax your mind healthy!


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