Dora’s Loft

Come to visit Dora’s loft. This is a lovely duplex apartment miniature dollhouse kit that you can build with your own hands. Feel free to create it in the way you love!


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78 in stock

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Robotime-Rolife Dora’s Loft DG12 is a modern style duplex apartment DIY miniature dollhouse kit. It is designed with soft and fresh tones like pink, blue and white. You can build so many beautiful details like flowers, vines, spiral stairs, a cozy corner with a sofa and bookshelf. Enjoy the relaxing DIY experience and feel amazed by your work!

*Note: Due to customs policy, glue, paint, and battery(CR2032*2) may not be included in the package. Glue: you could use eco-glue, wood glue, or strong glue; Paint: white.

Rolife Dora's Loft DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit DG12


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