Japanese Diplomatic Ship

Our 3D ship model 3D wooden puzzle with its unique mechanism is also a lovely decorative element for any home or office. Be the proud builder and owner of this wooden treasure box.


413 in stock

413 in stock

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  • QUALITY TIME: Building one model with the entire family creates a great bonding experience for each family member. constructor kits will bring the family together by keeping children away from eye-straining tablets and instead promoting comprehensive brain development. This development is achieved by introducing children to the fundamentals of mechanics, cultivating patience and attention, promoting fine motor skills, and encouraging imaginative artistic thinking.
  • This craft kits is a fun parent and child project,you will have a blast building it up step by step.
  • It is a cool/perfect gift for girls,boys,teens or fathers and mothers on birthday,Thanksgiving,Halloween and Christmas.
  • The 3d puzzle is a nice stress reliever and after finishing,you will have a true sense of accomplishment.


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