Mose’s Detective Agency

It is already late at night, the familiar figure is still investigating the case… Moss detective agency will judge the guilty!


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149 in stock

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Rolife Mose’s Detective Agency DG157 is a British-style DIY Miniature House from the Mystic Archives Series. When we think of England, one thing that immediately comes to mind is a gentleman detective. Designers are inspired by the classic detective literature and recent hit movie and TV series, using representative architectural structure and style elements to create this mini detective agency. Whether it is a retro typewriter, hidden clues wall, detective hat, or luggage, this kit will instantly take you into the world of this genius detective.

*Note: Due to customs policy, glue and battery(AAA*2) may not be included in the package. Glue: you could use eco-glue, wood glue or strong glue.


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